Welcome to The Point Being, the Star's opinion page podcast.

Each week, the editorial team — editor Sarah Garrecht Gassen, cartoonist David Fitzsimmons and editorial writer?Edward Celaya — talk about politics, the news of the week and letters to the editor, as well as interview letter writers, guest columnists and other interesting people.

Below you will find links to past shows.?Thanks for listening!

Season Two

Episode 5:?The Point Being

Episode 4:?The Point Being

Episode 3:?The Point Being

Episode 2: The Point Being

Episode 1: The Point Being

Season One

Episode 36: A fool for bonds

Episode 32:? Fitz Unchained!

Episode 27: Lick the page

Episode 24:? Outwardly pervy

Episode 23: Education brodown

Episode 22: Salty racism

Episode 21:? The jerk files

Episode 20: RichRod madness

Episode 17: Little Pink Houses

Episode 16: Desperate Living

Episode 13: The Madden curse

Episode 12: No room for Flake

Episode 6: DACA Jedi