The UArizona Football program had an opportunity, 2 years ago, to start fresh and hire a qualified alumnus as head coach. Instead they decided to hire Kevin Sumlin, an unemployed hired gun from Texas, which coincidentally is UArizona President Robert C, Robbins' former home. Kevin Sumlin has no connection to, and therefore, no passion for Arizona's football program. The best thing that Sumlin has done in his 2 seasons here was to make Chuck Cecil his Defensive Coordinator. Anyone who knows Arizona Football knows that Chuck Cecil epitomizes passion and intensity for Arizona Wildcat Football.

President Robbins, Athletic Director Dave Heeke, and Head Coach Kevin Sumlin are making a very big mistake by considering anyone else for the position of Defensive Coordinator other than Arizona's beloved #6 Chuck Cecil!

Daniel Egan

East side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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